The Blueprint Plus Membership 

Learn How To Be a Top Producing Agent & Lead a Team

Say goodbye to boring, repetitive cold calling and learn how you can use new high-tech marketing strategies to scale your sales, dominate your market and build your career in real estate sales. 

If you're a real estate sales agent, this is for you. If you're ready to shift your strategy and you understand the need for radical change in real estate industry and want to help build a business that will last forever, then the Blueprint Plus Membership is for you..

  • There are 1.4 Million Realtors and over 800,000 have not made a sale yet?
  • ​Bloomberg reports that 37% of real estate agents couldn’t pay their rent in October, up from 27% in September.
  • ​There are over 35% less transactions closed year over year in many major markets.

The fact of the matter is everyone will not thrive in this shifting market, but you can. Join the Blueprint Plus Membership so you can learn new and innovative strategies to advance your real estate business. 

Enrolled Late? No worries, get access to ALL replays and resources from December 13th till NOW! 

Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work?

Whether you are brand new agent or have been in the industry for a while, the Blueprint Plus Membership is EXACTLY what you need to take your career to the next level! 

Have you been considering leaving the real estate field because it’s not been as successful as expected?
Are you struggling to generate leads, land successful deals, and overcome the SOUL-DRAINING plateau your real estate business’s been stuck at for months?
Do you find yourself working 24/7 and not having a break, even though you’re not making nearly as much as anyone around you would expect?

From an outsider’s perspective, being a real estate agent means having tons of free time, owning 3  homes in different parts of the city, and giving your family a brand new car every 4 - 6 months.

That’s the reason many people choose to quit their 9-5 and enter the real estate world: They expect nothing but riches and glory, but the reality is over 87% of real estate agents fail…

Why? Because they’re hit by the truck of disappointment, and they find themselves running door to door, cold-calling thousands of homeowners every month, hustling on Craigslist to find deals, all to barely cover their bills every month.

That’s the reality of being a real estate agent in today’s market, those who made it are enjoying all the deals, and you feel like homeowners have no reason to choose you, which is why you’re struggling to land deals.

Not to mention your social life, which is the first thing that takes the hit when you decide to dedicate your life to selling and buying real estate, and you lose connection with most of your friends…

Now, am I saying that you should quit real estate? Absolutely not, because you’d be leaving millions of dollars on the table if you do. However, I know that you’re doing it wrong, and I’m here to stop you.

If this applies to you, then you need to join the Blueprint Plus Membership! An online community and platform where real estate agents can access tools, strategies, templates and more to help them build thriving six-figure businesses!

The Blueprint Plus Membership Includes:

Over 100+  NEW self-paced courses on how to become a top-producing agent 

Templates and spreadsheets to help you increase operational efficiency and make sure you’re delivering optimal results all-year-round.

 Exclusive Access to My Private Community where you get the opportunity to network and communicate

One class and Q&A every month on the second Wednesday, with the first class being on December 14th 2023.

Access to our yearly Blueprint conference and Awards Ceremony 

I myself have been using everything that’s packed inside for years, and today, I stand before you as one of the most sought-after real estate agents in the industry.

I know where you are now because I’ve been there. I spent my weekends working, I said no to nights out when I truly needed to go, and I sacrificed my family time in hopes of landing another deal or getting a yes from a client.

However, I knew that that’s not how I wanted to live my life, and I know for a fact that it’s not how you want to live yours. That’s why I created Agents Tools For Success, to help real estate agents like yourself create their own six-figure businesses with ease.

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Take a look at whats inside the 
Blueprint Plus Course! 

  •  How To Build Your Support Staff 
  • Working With Buyer & Seller Clients 
  •  Building Your Business Structure and Process
  • Closing on 10 Million in Six Months 
  •  How to make your first six figure income in real estate 
  •  Marketing and Branding to Attract High Quality Clientele
  • Language of Luxury E-book
  • ​Mindset built for success 
  • ​Business Talk With Quiana Watson  Audio Version
  • ​Preparing to Onboard Your Clients 
  • ​How to Attract High-end Clients 
  • ​Real Estate Virtual Door Knocking Techniques + MORE
  • How To Get Started In Real Estate
  • Branding and Marketing your Business For Success
  •  Dress How You Want To Be Addressed
  • ​Running a Market Analysis: Benefits Both Buyers and Sellers
  • ​Onboarding Sellers: Successful Onboarding Will Bring Great End Results 
  •  Onboarding Buyers: Successful Onboarding Will Bring Great End Results 
  • ​Running Your Business Like A Business - As an Agent
  • ​Running Your Business Like A Business-Database Management {CRM}
  • ​Branding & Marketing with Jesse Social Media Manager
  • ​Georgia Contracts Class 
  • ​Mortgages with MG The Mortgage Guy
  • ​Open House Strategies

Your family needs you, and if you spend the next 5 years hustling your life away, you might make it financially, but by then you’ll have lost most of the people around you.

Now, is that the future that would make you truly content and happy with your success? No, it’s not. With Agents Tools For Success, you can shape the future that does, and enjoy the fruits of your success surrounded by your loved ones.

From where I’m standing, you have two choices:

To brush this off, close this page, and go on with your life trying to ignore that “What if?” that keeps you up at night, wondering what would happen if you actually took the leap of faith.

Or you can join right now and choose to invest in a successful real estate future using the tried-and-tested strategies and tools that will keep paying you dividends for decades to come.

You’re in charge, and I trust you to make the right call.

Meet Your Real Estate Mentor

Hey, I’m Quiana Watson!

I've been consistently showing value in the real estate industry. I'm consistently selling $20 Million + in real estate a year. And I DO NOT BUY leads!!

I'm more than excited to continue to educate, inform and represent what hard work, systems and dedication can achieve. 

With millions of dollars in real estate sales under my belt, I’ve become one of the top real estate professionals in the metro Atlanta area. As a result, I’m flooded with messages from professionals and first-time buyers seeking my expertise because they know I always get the job done!

Now, I’m giving you the secrets to real estate success. By Joining the membership,  You're about to discover my secrets to generate more income than you have ever imagined. so that you can finally be set.

Then this challenge is for you!

Overcome your limiting beliefs and Invest In YOU with my One-time Black Friday Deal!


One-Time Enrollment Fee : $524

  • Over 100+ Audio, e-books, and Pre-recorded courses (Valued at $4,500) 
  • Access To The Exclusive Membership Group
  • ​Access to templates, spreadsheets, and resources 
  • One monthly live training with Quiana Watson
  • Access to our yearly Blueprint Conference in Atlanta
  • ​Awards Ceremony the first week of November 2023
  • ​​One monthly Q&A session about our live class with Quiana Watson



One-Time Course Purchase: $1,499 
 (Valued at $4,500) 

  • Over 25+ Audio, e-books, and Pre-recorded courses
  • Access To The Exclusive Membership Group
  • ​Access to templates, spreadsheets, and resources 
  • One monthly live training with Quiana Watson
  • Access to our yearly Blueprint Conference in Atlanta 
  • ​​Awards Ceremony the first week of November 2023
  • ​​One monthly Q&A session about our live class with Quiana Watson

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This membership For?

This membership is for anyone who wants to actively generate six-figures inside of real estate, and become a successful agent!

How Much Will This membership Cost?

During Black Friday you get the chance to enroll for $525  with a monthly payment of $79 for 1 year.
Black Friday sale will end on November 28th and the enrollment fee will return to reg price of $1,449 and monthly payment plan of $99

What if I already have the Blueprint Plus?

You do not have access to all the chapters of the Blueprint Plus. We added over 40 new courses to the platform. The enrollment fee CANNOT be waived if you have the non-upgraded version of the Blueprint Plus.

What If I Can’t Make The live trainings 

All good! We’ve got replays available in case you miss anything inside the membership.

Can I cancel my membership ?

This is a one-year commitment. You have agreed to a payment plan to pay your balance. You can terminate after 12 month commitment. 
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